Refund and Returns Policy

I simply print your digital images to 35mm color slide film. How could you be unhappy with your pictures? I check and re-check everything before printing it for the last 25 years, so I typically catch any problems before they happen.

If there’s a problem with your 35mm slides that are my printing problem, then I will work to fix it and send you another set of slides. If there’s a problem with your design or your Powerpoint file, then that’s not my fault. However, I’ll work with you to fix it quickly.

If you think you deserve a refund, then please reply to your order email, or contact me at colorslides (at symbol) or call me at 813-401-0013. Please talk to me. Don’t reverse the charges on your credit card.

The last time someone did that, the credit card company didn’t believe the package was delivered even though she sent me a picture of it in her hand. The credit card company thought that I faked it, so they refunded her and they charged me $500 with no chance to appeal it. I was out $550 total. Not cool man.