Priority Rush Service


Priority RUSH Service is a 4 day turnaround time vs. 10+ days round trip by mail to me, then mailed to you.  I’ll arrange with the lab to ship directly to you. This is $45.00 per roll of 36. See more details in the bullet points below.

Refund Policy

Shipping Policy


  • No Slides are Included in this price. This is just a RUSH charge.

  • This cuts the turnaround time down to 4 working days by paying for the film and the film processing. This puts your order 1st in line without waiting for any one else to fill-up the roll of film.

  • Those costs are $45.00 per roll of 36 exposures. If you order 72 slides it would be 2 * $45 = $90 and 100 slides would be 3 * $45 = $135.00. This cost is in addition to your normal slide prices and your shipping choice will take additional days.

Additional information

Details on the slides

1.) Industry standard 2×2 inch 35mm slides.
2.) Fit in Kodak Carousel Trays holding 80 or 140 slides, plus other brands of 35mm slide trays.
3.) I use Kodak E100 film.
4.) Printed at 2732×4096 pixels at 372 dpi to a film recorder.
5.) Mounted in paper slide mounts with white on both sides.
6.) No numbers or logos are used on the slide mounts.
7.) Your slides are shipped back to you in clear plastic slide pages or boxes if you have a lot.
8.) The space for your image is the pixel dimensions mentioned above. If your image measures less pixels, it will automatically be printed to fit as large as possible within the viewing area of the slide and any remaining space will be filled with black.
9.) No cropping unless you request it.